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Methods For Reducing Mosquito Numbers

Mosquito are one of the most annoying insects on the planet. They fly around and suck the blood from anything they can find. At best, their bites will cause itching and redness at the affected areas. In a worst case scenario, these insects will spread deadly diseases that be hard to combat.  For my home in nj mosquitos are easily driven by just a mosquito pest control company. To avoid either case, mosquito should be eliminated with these control techniques.

Image result for Mosquito controlMosquitoes bite animals because they need their blood to produce eggs. The carbon dioxide from exhalation, long with body heat and scents lead the mosquitoes right to humans. It’s only the females of the species that does this, and once the blood is extracted, they process the protein from it and create eggs. These eggs are laid in moist areas, like soil or water, which is the key to their survival.

Standing water, especially those with organic matter, are where mosquito larvae can be commonly found. Stagnant waters are one of the common mosquito egg laying place, so to avoid stagnant waters like waters that leaked from your pipings so it is advisable that you fix your pipings especially if you have sprinklers, you can find many website that offer cost effective sprinkler repairs. Eliminating areas where standing water can be found will do a lot to reduce the amount of mosquitoes in a given area. This includes buckets, discarded tires, gutters, flower pots, and even in ground pool drains. Just a few ounces is enough for a large number of larvae to live. Of course, this only accounts for standing water sources that can be accessed, as neighbors may have standing water on their property.

If the mosquitoes aren’t eliminated in their larval stage, they will grow into adults and start the cycle all over again. These adults rest on plants and feed on their nectar. Cutting down weed overgrowth and spraying insecticides on grass and foliage will drive these pests away. Marvik Perimeter, Bifen IT, and Talstar Pro are quite effective insecticides, and as an organic option, ECO Via is available. A bit of growth regulator combined with the insecticides can cut down the number of eggs that female insects will lay.

Mosquitoes can also be repelled with special products. Skin spray products are widely known, and it is recommended that products that contain Deet be used. Natural skin repellents that contain peppermint and rosemary essential oils can be used for those who want a chemical free option. For land, repelling granules can be applied and they’ll throw the mosquitoes off the scent of humans for five days at most. The granules are quite effective in situations where large numbers of people will be gathered at once.

When the mosquito population dips, everyone will benefit. Everyone must do their part to prevent new mosquitoes from hatching and drive them away. These control methods are the right way to bring their numbers down.

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