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Satinbox is a purveyor of fine lifestyle products and gifts.

Satinbox was started by a wife and husband team in 2004. They met at Stanford many years ago and have been inseparable since. Both founders have a passion for life’s many experiences and the wonderful products that enhance it. Satinbox started as an online store and has recently opened its first brick and mortar store. The company also promotes exquisite modern products and luxury brands from Thailand, one of the owner’s birth country. The Tango brand of exotic leather accessories and the Erb brand of Thai Herbal Spa products are among the exciting brands Satinbox works with. Occasionally, Satinbox also creates new products and services when we are not happy with the products out on the market. Our SatinClouds Luxury Cotton Pads were introduced earlier this year and have been received very well. The soon to be re-launched SATINBOXES (our company’s namesake) are a delightfully modern take on traditional gift baskets.